Are you looking for ways to ensure you have an effective website design for a business consulting services?

In the world of website design, you have to make sure your site doesn’t irritate visitors. One thing to consider when doing a website revamp is to weigh if this design can attract or discouraged them.

Take note you only have 2 to 3 seconds to drive your visitors to want more information from you. Which is why you need to have a web design that’s going to be beneficial for your business consulting service.

Today, I’ll share with you tips to help you achieve an effective website design for business consulting services.


Web Designing Tips for a Business Consulting Services
You have to remember that your web design is the most crucial part of your site. It must be visitor friendly and can communicate with your visitors.  You can do any strategic conversion boosting tactic, but if your website looks like crap, it won’t do you much good.

The design is your business consulting services’ marketing. Design serves as your image and branding. If your website looks and works well it results in the better output.Here are 9 web designing tips you should know for business consulting services.


Create a Suitable Logo

Since your website is your branding and image, you need to create a suitable logo. A logo that will represent your brand and give clients a hint of what you are.

You can use high-resolution images that are as small as possible while still looking good. Hyperlink the logo back to your home page so visitors can more easily navigate your website.

Remember that your logo should be designed to draw interest and the curiosity of your potential customers.


Create an Appropriate Page and Navigation Menu

Your site’s navigation is what makes it easy for people to move around your website. Create a website navigation that is intuitive and simple.

You can find the primary navigation on the upper part of the website. The horizontal menu bar needs to be easy to follow to keep your visitors on your page. Also, put in just the important pages in the menu bar. While secondary links can be placed at the bottom of the website.

Website navigation needs to be consistent throughout the website. Here are some tips to help you on what to place on your secondary navigation menu.

Utilize Home Page Menu Item
Most users click the logo of most websites to go to the homepage. While some don’t.

Include a “home” link or a home icon to lead your visitors easily to your main page.

About Menu Item
Your About Menu consists of information regarding you and your business. Give visitors an at-a-glance look on what your business is all about. This is a good way to introduce your business to them.

You can do this either on one page or a drop-down menu item.

Contact Menu Item
Sometimes website visitors won’t be using every page of your website. They sometimes just search for your contact details.

In your contact menu, it’s best to include the following:

  • Email,
  • Location, and
  • Phone number.

Main Products or Services Offered
This menu is the very important one. This consists the lists and information of your business’ offered services or products.

Start with identifying what your main products or services are and include them in your top level navigation. You can also make use of the secondary navigation menus in the sidebar. Doing so will allow your website visitors to easily access pages related to their product.


Eliminate Clutter

Eliminating clutter can help your website perform well.

Cluttered websites are a turn-off, and people who are turned off to your site probably aren’t going to stick around for very long. Removing everything that isn’t essential will lead your clients to focus on the important things in your website.

It’s best to not have competing calls to action or visual clutter. Consider limiting the links and options in the header to narrow the focus further.  

Also, keep paragraphs shorter. A single paragraph can be no more than five to six lines. Don’t distract clients from the main focus of the page.

Have enough White Space

White space is the portion of a page left empty. Having enough of this white space makes a website look clean.

A clean design is crucial to communicating a clear message and it doesn’t just mean less content. A clear design simply means that it makes the best use of the space it’s in.

To make a clean design, make sure to have enough white space between paragraphs and images. Doing this helps ensure that visitor sees the important key points on your website.

Choose Your Colors
Part of effective website design is how you use and choose your color. Your website doesn’t need to have a rainbow of colors in it.

A well thought out color palette can go a long way to enhance the user experience. So choose colors that will complement your website to create balance and harmony.

You can make use of neutral color palette that compliments your logo and banner design. While doing it, make sure your site will look clean, elegant, and updated.

Display Good Photos

A picture can speak a thousand words. Make sure you put the right images to help your website. Appropriate photos help in developing with brand positioning and connecting with your target audience.Also, take the time to invest in professional photography. Photos shot professionally attracts potential customers’ interest.

Remember, your website must display good photos that communicate with the audience.


Choose Appropriate Fonts

To have an effective website design, you must select your fonts carefully. Make sure that your fonts are readable on any devices.

In general, you pick a font size of no less than 11 pt. Then, stick with only two font families for the entire website. This doesn’t only promotes consistency on your website but it also shows your website is well-organized.


Every Page Is A Landing Page

When you design your website right, it’s no doubt that it’s getting traffic. Every page of your website must be a landing page. Great landing pages should pass the “three-second test.”

1…2…3… either you keep a visiting client or you lose them.

Make your web design display the key information on the pages to help visitors navigate easily. Also be conscious on your design with regards to how you want the visitors to flow on each page.

Get In The Fold

Information that are important needs to be above the fold.

The fold is basically what pops first when you load a website. When you have to scroll down to see it then it’s below the fold.

To make an effective website design, it’s recommended to be against full-size sliders or images that cover 2/3’s of the page above the fold.

Final Thoughts on Effective Website Design for Business Consulting Services

Today we discussed some tips to have an effective website design for your business consulting services.

Take note that effective web design and art are not the same. You should design having a business objective in mind.

It’s easy to create a beautiful and functional website, simply by keeping these 9 tips in mind. These tips will ensure you that your potential visitors stay on the website longer and take an action you desire.

If you want to get started with designing your website today, give Mike Marko of IM Consultant Services a call. Any more questions? Leave it in the comment section below.